If you are looking for maximum casting distance and ultimate hook setting power - or bottom fishing with minimum weight and far less current drift, then Zero Impact is the line for you! Paragraph: The engineers at PowerPro have developed the first "repeating Dual Test Line" - a long section of normal diameter line (20') tapering up to a short tie zone (3') designed to offset the 35% strength loss when tying a knot. Your spool will fill just like regular PowerPro at any given test, but works like a line 2 sizes stronger when tied in the termination zone.

Product Specs

Series Braided Line
Family Type Zero-Impact
Colors Offered Hi-Vis Yellow/Black, Aqua Green/Black
Pound Test Offered 20lb, 30lb, 50lb, 65lb, 80lb, 100lb
Line Type Tapered 4 end (basket braid) construction.