The incredible sensitivity and awesome abrasion resistance mean less lost lures and fish. Whether you're fishing the frozen waters of Lake Winnibigoshish in Minnesota or angling the Archipelago in Sweden, PowerPro ICE-TEC Line is a weapon of mass extraction. Add this to your arsenal of terminal tackle and fight the fish...PowerPro ICE-TEC Line is fire in the hole!

Product Specs

Series Braided Line
Family Type Ice-Tec
Colors Offered Marine Blue
Pound Test Offered 5lb, 8lb, 10lb, 15lb
Line Type PTFE Coated Ice fishing line which sheds water.

Item Number Length Color Pound Test Diameter Inches Comparable Mono Diameter Strength kg Diameter mm
23300050050A 50yd/46m Marine Blue 5lb 0.004" Less than 1lb 2.5kg 0.10mm
23300080050A 50yd/46m Marine Blue 8lb 0.005" 1lb 4kg 0.13mm
23400100050A 50yd/46m Marine Blue 10lb 0.006" 2lb 5kg 0.15mm
23400150050A 50yd/46m Marine Blue 15lb 0.008" 4lb 7kg 0.19mm