Albright Knot

For tying PowerPro to mono of larger diameter - stronger knot

  1. Make a loop in the mono, and hold it with your left hand. Double 30" of PowerPro to create a 15" two-strand section. Pass this through the mono loop.

  1. Wrap the PowerPro loosely around the fingertip of the hand you're using to hold the mono, then wrap the PowerPro around itself and the mono 20 to 25 times. Work toward the end of the loop, keeping your wraps tight and snug.

  1. Run the PowerPro back through the mono loop so it exits on the same side it entered.

  1. Wet the PowerPro, and tug on the standing line and tag end to jam your wraps tightly together, moving them toward the end of the loop.

  1. Pull both standing lines to tighten the knot, then use soft-jawed pliers or a gloved hand to pull the knot tighter. Pull both standing lines at once to make sure the knot is secure.

  1. Tie a Lock.