Textile Manufacturing

Textile Manufacturing is among the oldest and largest industries in the world today. Finished textile products typically begin as a single fiber (sometimes from animal fur, vegetables, or synthetic materials) and are braided, weaved, or otherwise assembled into yarn. From yarn, manufacturers may create several types of products from clothing to car parts.

Innovative Textiles is an industry leading manufacturer of synthetic textiles with a focus on commercial applications. We combine cutting edge engineering with proven business practices to produce some of the world's highest quality materials available today.


Konrad Krauland founded Innovative Textiles in 1992 in Grand Junction, Colorado, with the intent of manufacturing high strength braided lines for sport kiting. However, the need for a braided fishing line that was compatible with light tackle angling pushed Innovative Textile's development and manufacturing team to research, test, and develop a new braided super line - a small diameter line offering greater strength and less stretch than traditional monofilament lines.

In 1997, Innovative Textiles introduced PowerPro microfilament braided line made with Spectra fiber, an incredibly round, smooth, and sensitive line (a vast improvement over the older braided lines). While initial sales were slow, hard work and perseverance paid off as Innovative Textiles has enjoyed a steady increase in sales revenue since the introduction of the PowerPro brand.

In 2008, Shimano American Corporation completed its agreement to acquire Innovative Textiles, Inc. While maintaining manufacturing operations and staff at its facility in Grand Junction, CO Dave Pfeiffer, Shimano American President, notes that the Innovative Textiles sales and marketing efforts will be transitioned to Shimano American's operations in Irvine, CA. "The extensive background that Konrad Krauland and his team at Innovative Textiles have in braiding and textile engineering is one of the key assets of our acquisition," said Pfeiffer. "Krauland will join our management team as a vice president, focusing on production, coordinating manufacturing and new product development with Shimano offices worldwide."

Pfeiffer further notes that, "While Konrad and Innovative Textiles have become a leader in braided fishing lines here in the U.S., the connection now with Shimano will allow us to grow the business throughout Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe and Latin America."

"To be able to make that next big leap, from a strong brand in the U.S. fishing market to one that will have solid global presence, we couldn't be happier now being part of Shimano American Corporation," says Krauland. "As we integrate our Grand Junction operations into Shimano's operation in Irvine and sales offices around the globe, we look forward to working on the next innovations in fishing line technology and other new products over the next years."