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When our engineers began developing a new PowerPro hollow core line, our goal was simple: create the next generation performance hollow core line with superior structure, durability and connection strength. With Hollow Ace you can achieve strength translation near 100% compared to 65% - 70% with a typical knot - much easier to thread than other hollow products. Hollow Ace utilizes a 16 spectra fiber construction to create superior connection strength and it's Enhanced Body Technology process creates incredible abrasion resistances and strength to diameter ratio.

  • Colors: White, Hi-Vis Yellow, Marine Blue
  • Test (LB.): 40, 60, 80, 100, 130, 200
  • Spools: 100 yd for making your won wind-on leader, 500 yd Box, and 1500/3000 yd Bulk Spools. Bulk spool log sticker to monitor the amount of line used for each application.
  • Technology: Spectra Fibre, EBT Technology